Art director and video artist , I work between Rome and Paris.
Founder of VastaVista, group of professionals keen in Animated Graphics, Tv Packaging, Event VideoDesign, Video Scenery, Print Design and Illustration.
My “moving art” work is characterized by a technique that I named “virtual painting” and “melting pixels”.

In the past

I’ve worked as art director and motion graphic designer for:
the Magic Lab , the Warner Bros Studios and The Post Group in Los Angeles; for Anteprima , Uvc and InteractiveGroup in Milan; Gedeon and Micros Images in Paris;  DR Tv in Denmark,; EuroPost in Athens.

Teaching experiences
Since 2003 I’ve taught videodesign techniques at the Architecture University of Genoa, Industrial Design Department.
Teacher of animation techniques at IRRSAE , addressed to primary school’s teachers.

Some time ago

Learning experiences
Eidos school of Computer Graphic&Animation based in Milan.
Plus I practised animation working for Bruno Bozzetto, R.Casale, G.Ferrari, G. Lagana’ and other italian animators.
Special courses on Set Design by the Teatro della Tosse as well as Shadow Theater at Teatro GiocoVita.

Long time ago

Cams School of traditional animation based in Rome under the italian famous artist and set designer Emanuele Luzzati and the animation director Giulio Gianini.
Photography & sculpture classes at the Massachusetts College of Art in Boston, Usa.
Art studies Liceo artistico of Genoa, Italy.